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Agile methodology project mentoring

CDS provides project and team mentorship during the early phase of Agile adoption or when you need a hand with a particularly sticky project. We will help you "read between the lines" of your methodology and leave you with the skills to carry your projects forward.

Agile methodology training

Once you've selected an Agile method, training the proper cross-section of project stakeholders is a critical first step. CDS has qualified resources to get your teams up and running.

Aligning corporate culture with collaborative and Agile thinking

More than a set of practices, Agile is a set of principles. When your company goes to make the "paradigm shift", CDS will help steer your management team and other corporate stakeholders toward the Agile way of thinking.

Lifecycle project management outsourcing

When your Project Managers are overloaded and you don't want to hire more staff, CDS will act as an outsource to provide you with an experienced Project Manager to get that next critical project done.

Project feasibility evaluations

Some projects just should not be done. CDS will facilitate a pre-project session with your organization to help you determine whether you should add it to your project portfolio.

Web-based products to manage Agile projects

Agile project management and development processes are a new way of accomplishing projects. Many of the traditional tools don't support the Agile approach. CDS has tools that will help you plan and manage your projects to leverage the Agile advantage.