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CollaborativeDevelopmentStrategies is dedicated to helping companies apply collaborative processes to achieve better performance on business projects. We believe Agile methods can help companies dramatically improve their project results. Agile can help businesses achieve greater quality, faster benefit, and a more affirming corporate culture. Laying an Agile foundation requires more than simply selecting a project methodology. To create a successful implementation plan, CDS considers the following as important elements of a successful integration strategy:

Collaboration. Learning and utilizing good collaborative techniques is essential to unlock the benefits of an Agile approach. Investment in facilitation resources and nurturing an inclusive atmosphere results in more efficient workshops, clearer requirements, greater stakeholder buy-in, and fewer communication failures.

Organizational Readiness. Prior to embracing Agile methods an organization must explicitly evaluate their culture to determine if and how Agile methods should be adopted. Without the proper support from the organization, an agile methodology will not succeed.

Principle Over Process. The strength of most Agile practices is in their principles. How they are adopted should be flexible and subject to the mandates and work styles of your particular environment. We advocate implementing Agile with a customized adaptation of methods and tool sets.

Methodology Scope.
Know and honor the scope of your chosen “method”. Not all “methods” are suited to or address the full business solution lifecycle. When using a particular method, don’t lose sight of the activities that are not supported and do not try to extend it to areas outside of its applicability.

IT Projects are Business Projects. Agile emphasizes delivery of business solutions, not IT solutions. To maximize the benefit of Agile techniques, it is important that a project’s scope include all activities necessary to deliver the business solution.